My interest in the police genre, for the colors black and white, for the games of gray have made me consider that I have some tendency for the Gothic style and it is true. Gothic is my taste for castles, for crypts, for darkness, for shadow, light, the occult and for spirituality. Although my apartment as a whole is eclectic, in keeping with my life and my shoe collection, I can not deny that I am Gothic, but also Renaissance and enlightened. What really happens is that I admire antiques.

It is considered antiquity, in terms of furniture design, to pieces created more than one hundred years ago; so if we are in the 2010 year all the objects designed before 1910 are old pieces. Romanticism, Neoclassicism, Gothic, Rococo, Baroque, Renaissance, Medieval, Greco, Roman, Romanesque, etc., are artistic periods that are part of the wide range of possibilities that we find under the term ANTIQUITY. To assess an age, other factors such as authorship, rarity, conservation status and usefulness are taken into account, in addition to age. With this clear we realize that it is possible to have pieces in our floor, that are useful and that are within our budget.


Recently I was fortunate enough to find for my husband's boss an original piece belonging to the French LUIS XVI style. The sofa, which was built in 1910 (has just become old), has Decó influence and is made of hand-carved walnut wood and molded by hand, with two side tables in its arms and black leather carpet. More information on the Website