Much we must fight so that our children order their room, we want to keep it clean and in good condition and instill in them the taste for having their own space in excellent shape. We may get them to bed, or at least try, but when it comes to their work material (books, toys, colors, plasticine) the issue is complicated. We can not do more than ask them to keep it in the trunk of the toys, where all their pirate treasure fits.


To organize the books there is an excellent supplement called PUERCOESPÍN DE BOOKS, designed by the British creator HOLLY PALMER, which is in a few words is a furniture to keep books with a chaotic and colorful appearance, just as they like them. 18 has spaces or sections with different sizes to store your favorite books and magazines, fit comics, picture books, coloring books and stickers. When one of the books is removed from its place the fluorescent paint of the background reveals the lack. The concept of the piece is the exploration of negative spaces, so the furniture will never be complete without the books that fill it. The name of the piece has to do with the silhouette it takes when it is full of books, like a porcupine of books, of different sizes, placed in different angles and degrees. The particular furniture measures 45 cm wide, 35 cm high and 30.5 cm deep, has an extra gloss finish and is made of plywood. Its price is 950 pounds. More information on the Website