The feeling produced by a floor where all the doors are always closed is terrifying. It is not necessary to go far to relate this custom to the house of the grandmothers, the unmarried aunts or the visits to the floor of the priest of the parish, when our mother needed some spiritual comfort and forced us to accompany her. Even a movie by Spanish director Alejandro Amenabar insistently refers to this behavior. The film is horror and whoever closes the doors is dead, but does not know it.

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There must be a logical reason to keep the doors always closed, beyond manias and compulsions of humans. In fact, we prefer to have the bathroom doors, the kitchen doors and the entrance to the floor perfectly fitted in its frame. Now, as winter approaches, it becomes clear that a possible cause is the control of the temperature of the spaces. It also tells us that we do not want the pollution from the outside to enter the house or that we try to reduce the noise a bit, although this solution is not very effective in this case.

With the help of the PÅ GLÄNT door, designed in the 2005 by LISA WIDEN, it is possible to have all the doors closed at the same time as all the doors open. Its appearance when closed is that of a slightly open door, as we definitely prefer them.

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