Comfort, design and technology. They are the elements that come together in this puff designed to be a corner of authentic relaxation.

It is inchable and has built-in speakers in the backrest so you can listen to your favorite music. Connects to the MP3, iPod or any other music player with compatible input. Its price is only 25 euros, and with the convenience of making it appear and disappear according to your needs.

Further information: swissmiss

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  1. I am looking for something smaller, that does not occupy so much luga.Anyone have any recommendations?

  2. Where can I buy? I am very interested in this product, please let someone say how to buy it, thanks

  3. I want to buy it!!!!!!!!!!!! please how do I buy it ??? I am very interested!!!!!!!! by fa rEsPoNdAn !!! .. but it is an order for equator .. by fa kiero answers !!!!!!!!! .. thank you very much

    psdt: I'm too interested in that puff

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