For the kitchen, the living room or your bedroom ... if you are looking for cutting-edge details, Qlocktwo has a lot to say! Designed by the German studio Biegert & Funk, Qlocktwo they are incredible Clocks that establish a language, rare, with which they give us the time.

Bring originality and elegance to your rooms with these beautiful and modern wall clocks. Thanks to the LED technology, this watch will give us the time through colors.

Qlocktwo it does not have hands or numbers! To communicate with all of us, these clocks will use the colors! What does this mean? Thanks to the LEDs that it carries inside, when the clock is activated, the timer counts and sets the second and the exact time to adjust the brightness of the letters according to the ambient light.

In a magical or fantasy way, we can see the time it will appear at five minute intervals. Qlocktwo can be found in different colors and several languages, including Spanish, German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Danish, Norwegian, Arabic, Portuguese ... etc.

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  1. Hello: Greetings, my query is: In Chile, these watches are sold. If this is the case, in which place they are sold, they have such products on their website.
    Thank you for your attention.

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