This morning I went to my favorite lamp shop and in the midst of the always difficult search for the perfect lighting for the perfect home I got involved in an argument with the clerk who is usually very kind. This time, to my regret, it was not so much because I discovered a bit weak in knowledge about style and trend and she, who sells art and is obliged to know the basics of design, did not feel very comfortable to be exposed . I just told him I wanted a lamp Vintage and the storm began. Now we both know clearly what the term means and we will never forget it.

According to the experts Vintage it is a term that refers to the design and to the old and quality art, but later to 1900, including the close decades like the nineties. The vintage products are original from the time they were manufactured, so they are not part of a specific style but are original manufactured in all trends that were developed in the twentieth century. That is the key: what Vintage It is authentic.


In the end, and after clarifying doubts about terms like "original" and "authentic", I got the lamp I wanted. It is called AJ FLOOR LAMP and was designed by ARNE JACOBSEN, Danish designer and architect, under the influence of the BAUHAUS artistic movement. I like it a lot because it is very simple and the beauty it has is based more on functionality than on form. More information on the Website