This spring enter your plans to reform your bathroom, make that set-up that is screaming. Surely you are very clear and planned all changes to make. From replacing tiles to laying another floor and, finally, brand new toilets. Now, on the fly maybe some hiccups appear that you never imagined. Errors that can be avoided so that the reform is not a problem. I tell you.

reform your bathroom
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Reform your bathroom to make it a very comfortable space but without giving up its decorative potential. Now is the time to introduce the ideas that you have been signing up in your Different sources of consultation: journals, specialized blogs, and the latest news from your favorite manufacturers. Everything sounds very good, as long as do not lose sight of your real spatial possibilities and that you take maximum care of your safety. Before you start, do not commit disasters like the following.

Reform your bathroom without setbacks

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The project to reform your bathroom maybe start by renovating the old soil. If you have not changed it, the normal thing is that you are somewhat punished by the use. As minimum will some chips or traces of spots Impossible, no matter how much you care for your cleanliness. It is also the perfect way to give a more modern look to the bathroom if you bet on an innovative decorative solution, like the ones you just discovered in spaces of Casa Decor 2019. You have clear that you want to put a vinyl That of color and a vintage flavor to the stay.

The choice is perfect to reform your bathroom with him because the coatings vinyl a installation simple on the previous pavement, that is to say without hardly works. But be careful with placing them if the original floor is not completely smooth and free of unevenness. If it is a ceramic or marble pavement, it is likely that you have enough joints that will be noticed on it, since This material has a thin thickness.

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You had not counted on this setback. The Solution It is very simple and necessary. Consists in prepare the surface with a self-leveling paste: it will leave it flat and ready to extend your new pavement on it. The drawings you have chosen will shine without a single mark in sight.

Beware of small tiles

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Si the raw practical sense when reforming your bathroom, think very well what tiles you will put when tiling the walls again. In particular, what size will guarantee fast maintenance If you do not want to invest too much time in which they are gleaming. Although for a few years decorate with small tiles It's a trend for its aesthetic beauty, maybe it's not what you're looking for. Once placed they will imply methodically clean your joints, which by the way will be numerous. Especially in the bathtub area and where more moisture is generated they require a bigger and continuous cleaning because they tend to darken.

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Consider other alternatives that are just as beautiful exist porcelain with large formats and straight edges so that the joints are hardly noticeable when placing the pieces. They are left as If i were a continuous surface, that transmits cleanliness and amplitude. If you also choose them of luminous colors, bathroom will win in clarity, a great advantage if you do not have natural light. Or the bathroom is integrated inside your bedroom and you are looking for a common thread.

You can also opt for an intermediate solution, play with ceramic pieces of the rectangular size of all life and display them only in front of the sink. An original idea to reform your bathroom.

No to poorly accessible toilets

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Now that you have decided to reform your bathroom it is worth investing in other health, sure they have become obsolete. Those solutions and designs that te guarantee use them and access them easily, without barriers nor fear of accidents. If you have a shower, Do not hesitate en opt for a dish without curb instead of the conventional ones. Maybe you have not fallen into that the height of these, however minimal, can become an insurmountable obstacle at a certain time.

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Dishes at ground level not only they are the best choice when there are elderly or people with reduced mobility at home. They make it very easy for everyone to access the shower area, and if the bathroom is small will contribute to space be seen more clear. So they are the Shower trays of mineral load. You will be surprised to find models that only have 2,5 cm thick. Another of its advantages is that allow a total adaptation to the hole that you have, because they are cut in the moment.

But maybe you're the one who ends the day with a relaxing moment In the bath. Enjoy the project to reform your bathroom to make it safer which will allow it to be anti-slip treatment that you can even apply yourself. It is very probable that in your day you did not think about the importance of this aspect. And of course, if you are going to replace it with a latest technology model or some design of the new free-standing bathtubs, make sure that the manufacturer has incorporated it.

The sink? two better than one

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Another big decision when reforming your bathroom will be the choice of sink. Surely you have opted for a design according to your aesthetic tastes and that fits like a glove in the space you have. But have you stopped to think that maybe you want to include two elements Are you two at home? In the early morning the bathroom becomes the busiest place, where we need to do several tasks at once in front of the mirror and it is not always easy. Believe it or not, it's a decision intelligent that will make you gain time and comfort, as long as you have enough room on the countertop.

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Today there are very small toilets, of square or oval shape, which are perfect to place them aligned. Of course, it will be necessary make a simple installation of plumbing to bring a point of water to him. A new change of mind to reform your bathroom without unexpected incidents.