Experiences teach us what in books, or on the internet, we can not learn; Initial training, basic for our development as people, we receive in our mother's house. The school gives us theoretical knowledge, develops our skills and creates new skills. The additional knowledge, which not all have and those that have made us special, come from people who are also special and have wanted to share their wisdom with us.

I especially remember my Institute literature teacher who practically threw me into fiery embracing of reading. The last time I went to her class she gave me a farewell gift with a pocket edition of Madame Bovary with a dedication that read "Lee y escarmienta". By then my library was already considerable and the history of the French had it more than re-read, in fact it is my favorite character. The books I had at that time are now everywhere, that has been my contribution.

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For my children I want a childhood and adolescence full of reading. It is very important to improve the use of the language and to perceive the greatness of the world, and the small. I recently saw a design by WOUTER NIEUWENDIJK that is a small and very striking bookshelf. The support table is a book and that is why when books are stacked on it it seems that they were floating. It's a very funny way to awaken in boys the love of reading. More information on the Website www.wouternieuwendijk.nl