Patios and terraces

There is nothing better than having a terrace or a patio where you can enjoy relaxing and happy moments. However, on many occasions we tend to turn the patio or the terrace into the storage room, fill it with useless objects and sometimes even useless things that we will never use.

In general, a patio or a terrace should be a quiet and careful place, but to achieve it it is not necessary to load it with too elaborate furniture.

As always, the choice should be adjusted to the needs of each one, but in general, we can follow some guidelines to finally get it to become a place of enjoyment.

In case of not having another space in the house for it, we can reserve a corner to "keep the dishes" and keep ordered all those objects that have no place in any other place. The ideal is to analyze well the space we have and choose the best corner for this purpose. If it is possible to remove it from the main view, better than better, if it is not possible, try to camouflage it or convert it into a pleasant sight.

Taking into account the above, now we only occupy the space that will become our place of enjoyment.
As we said before, the furniture should not be too elaborate, so it will not be necessary to put too many turns in your head. With a simple table and some chairs it can be enough for your family or friends to enjoy having an aperitif. Although if you have a relatively large space, you can think maybe also place a sofa or hammock and even a swing if you have children, it will become the perfect place to enjoy reading a good book or your children have fun.
With this and good taste in the details (plants, decoration of the table and chairs, lighting, etc.) the result will be perfect.

Keep in mind that for outdoor furniture, it is best to opt for water resistant materials, such as teak. And above all, keep in mind that time is uncontrollable, so it would be wise to be prepared and have some type of umbrella or awning. Thus, excessive sun or rain will not be a problem.

Now you just have to enjoy.

Terraces and patios