Starting the week is a brave thing. Leave aside the fact of having spent two fantastic days relaxing at home, accompanied by your family, or having gone for a walk in the mountains and having to face the reality from Monday to Friday: the busy coffee of the morning, the subway , the traffic, the companions of office, the accountant of the company, your boss ... a whole week ... more.

The relaxation achieved on the weekend is not enough to manage to face the working life and already on Tuesday the sensation of tension in the back and the uncontrollable desire for the 7 to arrive at night to be able to flee from the place have erased all traces of tranquility .

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Some are lucky and their job fills them with satisfaction, others have the best relationship with their bosses and coworkers, others more fortunate have the best pay without the need to arrive early or wait until the last to leave. All the rest are condemned to find methods that allow us to take on life, a little gray, that destiny has given us and try to find in other environments, such as family, romantic, academic, an incentive for the weight we carry daily.

Knowing that it is not the professional that will lead us to achieve happiness, we can try to cope with the stress that causes us and cultivate the other aspects that are also part of our existence. For back pain, an ibuprofen pill or the CALYX hydromassage cabin, created by the LARA design house. It is a cascade of regenerating energy that provides endless well-being. Thanks to the powerful jets of water in the cabin, located in strategic points of the shower, it is possible to enjoy many types of hydromassage. A long session of relaxation, helps tone muscles and keep your body in shape, from head to toe.

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