Today, 16 in April, opens its doors on International Furniture Fair Milan, one of the most important appointments in the world in decoration that will last until Sunday 20 day.

To open your mouth about what those who come may find there, we are going to show you one of the proposals, this time from a debutante: Who is Paul? It is a new furniture firm from France that presents its first collection in this environment of innovation and design.

The first works have been created by Studio Paul and Alain Gilles, although later they will be edited by other firms. Its collection pieces consist of rotomolded furniture that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Eg Rock Garden It is a modular planter whose shape allows you to play with space and modules getting infinite combinations.

Sliced ​​Chair It is an original chair, contoured and made also with rotomolded that is available in various colors.

The avant-garde design is made available to Organic Lounge Chair, a deckchair in which special attention has been paid to comfort.

This is just a preview of the many collections and proposals that can be found these days in Milan, the capital of decoration for a few days.

Further information: Who is Paul?

Vía: decoestyl