We entered our house after spending an hour inside the car and we have only traveled a kilometer. We will have been stuck in a traffic jam, listened to the horns of the 50 cars parked in a row in front of us and the other fifty that are waiting behind. The sun heats the interior of the device, the radio does not stop as our children do, who desperately shout asking to return home. There is not enough water to submerge, nor patience to endure this ordeal. We entered our house and we wanted to be another person or at least pretend it for about 20 minutes.

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We do not have to abandon the idea. In the style of John Malkovich we can enter an alien cranial cavity and disconnect the external stimuli, finding relaxation and peace. The insulation chamber for the home SENSORY DEPRIVATION SKULL, designed by the famous Dutch artist VAN LIESHOUT, is inspired by the Skull Studies that the creator Joep van Lieshout developed in the nineties. Making use of the minimum space that the human body needs to relax, this unit, which in appearance is only a gigantic skull, opens to reveal a space capsule where anyone can escape the sensorial burden that the city sometimes causes us. For more information visit the deepest part of our brain or the website www.ateliervanlieshout.com.

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