Do not try to avoid the issue, winter will come and will not be condescenciente with us, much less with those who do not have in our house with a fireplace. Now is the time to solve that problem, and we will not have to resort to an expensive heating installation or the unpleasant construction of a home, if that were possible. Solutions like a radiator will help us to cope with the pain but, will we be comfortable with the device chasing us around the places of our house?


The German designer AXEL SCHAEFER offers us an option full of style and comfort, the FIRE COFEE TABLE is a unique accessory that combines the elements of a cozy and elegant coffee table and a living room fireplace, which improves the ambient temperature and He calls us to recollection. Its design is asymmetric, highly defined, clear and clean, allowing us to use this furniture in many ways within the living room, office, study or a room. The fireplace is integrated into the elegant table, made of a special sheet of high pressure wood. The fire generated, from ethanol, is moderate but effective when creating temperature in the desired area. The finish can be glossy or matte, to see it or acquire the piece we can visit the website