-What do you want to be when you grow up? -

- I want to rule the world -

This short and disturbing conversation just happened to me with my seven-year-old daughter. I, who have the deepest hopes that her life will be far better than mine and that I love her blindly, did not know to answer her affirmation and using the automatic reactions that we know the parents told her, that would be what What would he do if he did his homework every day, he did not squander the money his father gives him in candy, he brushed his teeth with discipline and was kind to his little brother and his companions.

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Going a little further, I must confess that the idea of ​​the girl I love and I have decided to participate actively in its fulfillment. How essential it is that now that you want to govern, know the world I will buy a globe with which you will begin to discover where your ambitions are heading. Let's see without fatigue when the list of Eastern countries is being learned.

The SILVER TERRÁQUEO GLOBO, designed by SPHERICAL CONCEPTS, has been carefully drawn and printed in silver ink, with latitude and longitude markings in red ink and nomenclature and black text. It represents the most updated political cartography of the planet. It contains all the countries, their exact limits, capital cities and main geographical features, such as mountainous and hydrographic formations. A certificate of authenticity of data and an informative booklet are included with the globe.

More information on the website www.sphericalconcepts.com