Well, if they were in fact, they would be "Rascamares." And after this intelligent humor that characterizes me, I must say that the news is true, at least if it is the project. Apparently it is a project made by a Malaysian architect named Sarly Adre Bin Sarkum, who has thought about this solution since the future of the land is uncertain and the sea level may rise considerably.

Given this perspective Bin Sarkum has created a skyscraper that descends a few meters to the bottom of the sea that will use several sustainable technologies to produce renewable energy, so that it would feed on the energy coming from the waves of the sea, wind and solar .

For subsistence, he would use modern farming techniques, including aquaculture or hydroponics (methods used to grow plants using mineral solutions instead of agricultural land) to grow his own food under water.

For stability, a system of ballasts, supported by a set of tentacles like those of a squid, generate kinetic energy that keeps the structure in vertical position.

Considering that the 71% of the surface of the land is water, it does not seem like a bad option in case the water level rises, but leaving a building at the mercy of the sea does not seem like a good idea. On land the storm destroys many populated areas, not to mention the possibility of a tsunami, or think what could happen to these buildings invested in the sea.

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Via: The design Blog