It's not that I did not like the old cribs, where I and my brother have grown up. Now I look at them with nostalgia and one day my children or my nephews will occupy them when they stay in my parents' house (because mine is still new), but when I see the new current creations, of all styles, colors, sizes and forms, I'm glad of the design advances.

This cuckoo or bassinet is a sample of it, made by Kenneth Cobonpue, and made in rattan. It has a shape similar to a half moon and only the wheels would be needed to carry it comfortably from one side to the other. You can buy with mattress and bedspread or just the structure.

Further information: Kenneth Cobonpue

Via: Between parents


  1. I would like to buy a Moses from Ratan.

    I am in Chile. and could generate the contact for the purchase.

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