Stripes are one of the classic motifs in decorative painting. In alternating bands, horizontal or vertical, in high contrast colors or with subtle changes of tone, we must know when we should use them, because if they are well managed, they are great allies to expand a small space or provide an unambiguous personality to an environment.

Stripes on the wall and black armchair

If you want a wall to look taller, then use vertical thin stripes, ideally in black and white and a maximum of ten centimeters per stripe.

If you want a small room to look wider, then use horizontal stripes, very thin, and only administered in the central part of the walls. They will look wider, and the result, in addition, will be cheerful and dynamic.

If you want to give the room of the little ones a distinctive air, then paint stripes in pastel colors, of very similar colors - yellow and red, blue and green. The result will be cheerful without being loud, and you will have many possibilities to play with the most bright and fun TVs and accessories.

Room Stripes on the Wall

If you need to give a more sober appearance to the room, the wide stripes, whether horizontal or vertical, in black and white will always give a distinguished air lounge and the classic pair without being anachronistic. Any style is welcome on this background.

To fill the strips they should be thin and in bright colors, only to visually fill an empty space, such as a passage area, where you do not want furniture, but not a hole.

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