If you need ideas for your table indicators, today in Decoration 2.0 we give you a suggestion that may be of great use to you. We can use these posters for the decoration of parties and events in which we have many guests.

Locating them in the tables will be the guests of the event, well organized. This format can be hung from the back of each of the chairs and we can reuse them if necessary.

The materials will be:

  • Hooks, this time of bathroom curtain
  • Colored paper
  • Laminate material, ex. transparent contact paper (or you can take them to laminate to an art bookstore)
  • Hole puncher paper
  • Erasable marker

The first thing we will do is cut out the posters, which can be made in one color or several. We can choose the ones you like the most, now laminate them with contact paper or in some stationery.

Make on each poster and then pass the hook for these. In this way we can hang them from the chair. Remember to use nice markers to write the name of each guest's holes.