The food can also be decorated. Look at what has been done with just plain colored beans ... beautiful mosaics to hang !!

If you want to make a similar picture, pay attention. The materials what you will need will be the following.

- Plain white cardboard, of the measures that we want.

- Pencil

- Small brush

- Vinilic glue

- Dry beans

The first step will be select the drawing we want to make. The simpler the image, the better results we will get. Once selected, We passed the drawing to white cardboard.

If you want to get something similar to the image, the idea will be create geometric shapes and lines; in this way it will be very easy to fill with beans.

Once the image is drawn, we will give a tail layer with the help of a brush. We will give a layer to the entire cardboard surface.

Now it will only be necessary to go hitting the beans following the lines geometric, giving them shape. We will look for a composition that we like, combining all colors.

Once the drawing is completed, it will be necessary give a second layer of cola on the beans, in this way our particular mosaic will last much longer.