El God eye it symbolizes, for certain cultures, the power of vision and understanding of the unknown and mysterious. It is also an article of great visual appeal that can decorate a room or favorite corner. If you want to learn how to make your own Eye of God, follow the instructions below.

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The materials we will use two sticks of the same length, it can be wood ... besides wool or embroidery thread, wire and feathers. In this way the first thing we are going to do is take the poles and cross them perpendicularly. As if it were a cross. Tie them well with wire and then cover this with a little wool or thread.

how to make a kite

Once the wool has been rolled and the center firmly rolled, it begins to roll more wool until it forms the eye, for this it passes behind and crosses in front as we see in the image.

It passes behind the bottom pole and crosses to the upper right quadrant, then passes behind the upper pole and crosses towards the lower right quadrant.

To continue, pass behind the stick and cross to the upper left quadrant. Finally, go behind the left stick and go through the lower right quadrant again. We repeat this until we get the diamond we see in the image. Remember that you can do as big as you want.

Made the first diamond, tie one end of wool of another color you want and combine with others. Repeat the same process to create an edge to the diamond that we have achieved.

Remember that you can change the color of the yarn or wool as many times as we want and we are generating a beautiful and attractive design in the transition of each of the fabrics.

Once finished we will place the tips, for this we can locate the feathers in each of the four extremes and line them with wool of different colors so that the eye is completely decorated by the sides.

When we place the feathers, we have finished our beautiful Eye of God. Decorate the corners that you like the most and enjoy its protection.

how to make a kite 2

how to make a kite with 3 thread

how to make a kite with 4 thread