Are we really committed to the environmental cause? Let's make a list, on recycled paper or on the computer, of what actions we take to reduce the damage that our lifestyle causes to nature.

With regard to water, and for economic reasons, for a long time we only put a load in the washing machine when it is complete and we do not wash the floor with hoses, nor the glass, and we try not to take baths in the tub and instead, It's a couple's tradition, take a shower accompanied. About garbage, since we saw in the specials of National Geographic the layer of plastics that covers large areas of the sea all over the planet, we recycle: we differentiate plastic papers, plastic packaging; we separate glass and organic garbage. Inclusive, since they charge us the plastic bags, we carry our own suitcase to bring the purchase home. We also use energy saving light bulbs and disconnect appliances that are not in use.

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Now we can take our ecological spirit to the furnishing of our floor using the SHELVES and PAPER PULP DISHES, designed in 2009 by DEBBIE WIJSKAMP. The shelf has the appearance of a totemic piece of white design, and is built in such a way that its drawers can be used modularly, one on top of the other. Some are equipped with doors while others are completely open, to function as simple shelves. All components are molded from recycled paper pulp, used in the traditional way wood is used. More information on the website