At the beginning of the 21st century, we realized that the state of the planet is critical, we have finally understood that it is our business and that we are also already on time to take action to stop the deterioration; prevention is a matter of the past, the term we use now is action. Many innovative proposals propose alternatives to improve consumption in today's society, not eliminating it but promoting it as an ecological and respectful activity of the planet: reuse of recycled materials, elimination of toxic elements in industrial manufacturing, and use of alternative energies, are several of the proposals.


The design house NOVOTHINK proposes with its creations the use of clean and free energy from the sun through technological innovation in terms of portable electronic items. Its goal is to make everyone participate by making a difference and supporting the environment of our planet; the small steps can lead to a great improvement, the one we need for our future. Your new product SURGE, compatible with iPhone 3G, 3G S and iPod Touch, in a housing that also acts as a solar charger. We can now literally recharge our iPod anywhere the sun comes. More information on the website