Regardless of their size, the receivers, in addition to having a harmonious and adequate decoration should be functional and practical.

The idea is that in addition to having the proper aesthetics and be functional, offer determinants storage solutions, since this type of solution is very useful in this type of stay.

Next we show you any ideas how to create storage space in a hall or lobby:

If the lobby has a bank, it would be best if that bank allowed the storage inside. This is a very practical and discreet solution, since it will allow you to have any object in order and hidden.

bank in the hall

You can also choose a furnishing that allows you to maintain order and at the same time be how and practical. If you opt for a piece of furniture, in the market you will find many designs and styles.

hall furniture

If you face the decoration of a hall of small space, do not despair, in these cases there are also possibilities and alternatives that will allow you to create a functional and aesthetic space.
Shelves instead of furniture, original boats to organize the umbrellas, racksand hooks are just some of the alternatives that adapt perfectly to small spaces.

small hall

The wicker baskets or original boxesand decorative are another perfect option, since they allow to keep gloves, purses, scarves, hats, etc.
To include this type of baskets or boxes to a hall is very easy, since in any shop of decoration we will find them of all the sizes.
You can place them on a shelf or on a piece of furniture, put them on the floor or if you have a bench or chair in the hall, place them underneath so they do not occupy too much space.

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