En Decoration 2.0 We advocate the best recycling for a pleasant decoration. Therefore, in today's article, we tell you how to make an original organizer for all your jewelry, recycling only an old rake.

This idea will not go unnoticed, now we can have all our earrings and necklaces in order, in just a few steps. This project is quite simple, the idea is to recover an old rake to turn it into a more decorative and functional piece, in our home.

The materials we will need are the following:

  • A disused rake, with or without handle
  • A cloth to clean it
  • Spray oxide converter (you get it in craft houses or paint shops), the color you want
  • Sisal thread: a little bit longer than the width of the rake.
  • A wall hook
The first thing to do is remove the handle from the rake, clean it as best you can with a rag and apply a little rust converter to recover the object. Apply the color that you like, we can do it with any metal object that is rusted. Let dry very well.

Now attach a piece of sisal thread to the width of the rake and hang it from a hook on the wall, where previously it joined with the handle.

Once located, in the place we have chosen, we can hang all our bracelets, necklaces and rings ... for example, use the sisal to hang the hoops and the teeth of the rake to hang the necklaces.

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