Now you know, to recycle, reuse and find new uses to objects and apparently inseparable elements, it is something that in we love. That is why today, I bring you a new idea ...

If you are thinking about changing your old doors or windows or if you have an old window or door in the house, instead of getting rid of it, I propose that you create a spectacular mirror that, in addition to fulfilling the usual function of any mirror, will be especially decorative due to its originality and particular charm.


Do not you think an ideal mirror?

If you are looking for a nice mirror for your recycler, if you want a lovely mirror for your room, if you need a dream mirror for a children's room, if you simply need an original decorative element for any corner of the house, for the kitchen, for the bathroom ... It really is a mirror that would fit perfectly in any space or room in the house.

The only thing you have to do to create such a nice mirror is to replace the window panes with mirrors and, if you wish, you can leave the window with an old look or paint it with a color that matches the rest of the decoration.

In the above image you can see a window as an example. However, it is an idea that you can also implement with an old door as a base and create a beautiful standing mirror.

Do you dare to create a mirror like this?