Recycling is increasingly important, so in Decoration 2.0 we love to look for ideas and suggestions with which to count in the case of wanting to recycle and reuse articles and objects that have become obsolete and we are going to throw away.

In today's article we will make this magnificent magazine using recycled materials, in this case plastic bottles. If you want to do it, the first thing we are going to do is clean the bottles well. The number of these will depend on the length you want to give your magazine.

Once clean and dry, cut the top, try to have all the same length or be pairs.

The second step is to get in the hardware store, for example, an aluminum sheet. In this way, once finished, we can screw the bottles and these to the wall. We can also change the sheet by a wooden base.

To adhere the bottles to the base and this to the wall, we will need some screws, washers, nuts, screwdrivers and a drill bit not very thick. With these instruments we hang the wine rack to the wall.

Finally, so that we do not cut, sand the edges of the bottles and place a rubber edge for example eva rubber or tape. In this way, in addition, we embellish our wine rack. Remember that if you want you can paint it in a color you like, or leave it as is.