If you want to reuse containers that you have disused or want to throw today we propose a very interesting solution that will not only be useful and functional, but will also be very useful. decorative.

line containers with rope

The materials will

  • Old container
  • Rope
  • Glue

It's so simple that it's hard to believe, but we just need to line the container in question with rope. For this, the first thing is to clean the recycle and dry it, then cut two pieces of rope to place as handles. If you want you can do it in the form of braid as we see in the image. Then, once we have them, we stick them to the ends of the container, fix them with glue.

Once the handles are placed, cover the container with the rustic rope, making sure that the handles are secure and do not fall off. It covers the whole surface of the container fixing with glue.

Remember that the rope should be firmly fixed and adhered so as not to detach. Once ready we can use the container as a decorative fruit basket, bread basket or anything else we need, providing a rustic touch wherever we place it.