Today I want to propose you that recicles the corks They usually act as a lid on wine bottles. Whenever you open a bottle, keep the cork in a bag, there are many projects in which you can use them. Original, simple and decorative projects. Below you can see some:

If you are tired of the old shooters of the doors and drawers of the furniture of your kitchen or any other furniture, the corks of your bottles can be perfect substitutes. Some substitutes that will give a new air to the decoration, a rustic air through a very original detail that will hardly go unnoticed.

cork shooter

The idea that I show you next is purely decorative but it is so original that there is much that can be offered at a decorative level to any corner.

lamp with corks

In the image above corks have been introduced into large container which acts as the base of a table lamp. Although, if you do not have a base for transparent glass lamp or similar to the one shown in the picture, you can implement this idea using a vase or any other container that is transparent glass. The only thing you have to do is place the corks in the container and then ... you can add candles, flowers, leave it with the cin corks or finish the detail in any way you can think of, like and can contribute something to your decoration.

Two practical ideas, simple, original and very economical, so cheap that we could say that it is two decorative ideas at zero cost. Do you dare to put some of them into practice?