En Decoration2.0 We advocate for the best recycling ... Why throw away, if you can recycle? There are many objects and articles that we can extend their lives and reuse them turning them into functional furniture or decorative object.

El saving is another of the characteristics of recycling. We all know that we did not go through good times, and with this the crisis is better save.

In this way the recovery of antique furniture, classic watches or useless lamps can be the perfect base, for the best of decorations.

If you have a market near your area, maybe you want to pay a visit. In them we can find everything to recycle, just a little imagination and good work, to obtain interesting objects and furniture.

In this image we can see how, with imagination, we have obtained a pretty ingenious idea of recovery. If you love rustic environments you may love this suggestion.

A beautiful coffee table, for the living room, whose base is a door. This wooden door has become the main protagonist of a rustic atmosphere. The legs are beautiful easels also of wood.

Objects that we thought we had lost, only with some adjustments will be beautiful and perfect for that room you're decorating or that room you want to change.

Some furniture will require some sandpaper and some layers of paint, others otherwise we will have to make a good restoration. But with a little effort and effort the results are great.

Friends, recycling is wise.

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