We love recycling and they realize, many great tips that we have presented to you recycle and decorate In the home. Today we also have something new, and of course we know that you are going to make the most of it. And the times are hard for our budget, we do not have enough to spend on details that we love.

But that does not mean that we can not be creative, and the world of the web is a world where we always find fabulous things, surprising ideas that perhaps because of their simplicity are so easy to take advantage of but they had not occurred to us. Now we give you this sensational idea, which you see in the image, recycle bottles in jewelers. At the same time that you organize, you embellish your personal space.

Using some bottles like the ones we usually abandon, such as bottles of soda, bottles of wine and bottles of oil, glass and some cork caps, we can wash them well and put them on the bedside table to turn them into cheap and attractive recycled jewelers.

recycled bottles

Is not it true that it is a fabulous idea? Above all because you are inspired and use different sizes for different accessories such as bracelets or necklaces, watches and others. You will find that they also work well for your pigtails and other hair accessories. A world of possibilities at low cost, just take advantage of the idea and recycle.

Recycling is a form of material exploitation, which became fashionable at the end of the '70 years, although recycling already existed previously. It is nowadays, due to the saturation of waste, an attitude of life that It allows us to use our creativity, help the planet by recycling what can still be useful and clear, helping our economy. Do you sign up to recycle? get to the task and make these pretty recycled bottles for jewelers.

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Image: Pinterest