Each situation to be resolved in a possibility to evolve. When we leave late for work, we get to the subway station and hear how it moves away without even being beyond the box office, we know that everything is very bad. And then when we finally reach the pipeline and see in the digital announcement that the next train will arrive in 15 minutes, it is clear that there is no solution.

What to do? The question no longer has to do with the fact of reaching 5 minutes late, for sure and giving us hurry 20 will arrive later; Now, what we must do is to present a perfect excuse not to leave evidence of the 20 minutes of more than we slept, after the alarm sounded. A call to our boss, asking if he wants us to bring him a coffee, will be very considerate to him and will allow us to arrive late but very early. There is always a way out and the more novel the result, the better its effects will be. To prove it we could also say that our grandmother is sick ... to see how it goes with that.


Need chairs and have them to buy are annoying situations, not because we have special antipathy against them, but because we already know what awaits us: a million possibilities apparently different from each other, but basically identical. The difference is the price and the weight. The need to solve intelligently, with style, under the precepts of ecology, economics and the interactivity of design with its users resulted in the creation of the CHAIRFIX self-constructed model, developed by the British BEN WILSON.

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It is a set of three chairs ready to cut and assemble. Its original presentation is that of a compact sheet of MDF, 14 millimeters thick. The chair is stacked in minutes, does not require additional tools and is so light that it is very conducive to transport it.

This chair seduces by its appearance, its price and its presentation and we can see it on the Web page www.benwilsondesign.co.uk/