Surely many of you remember, like me, those roulette phone that was in all Spanish homes (and not Spanish) in the decade of the 70 y 80. Most were red, although there were also other colors, and to dial the phone you had to go around the wheel.

When the new models arrived, we all wanted to change, but now that we see it with perspective many of us would change the very modern and multiple buttons of the Dome because of the peculiar sound of spinning wheel. Through the web Firebox can be obtained in several colors but by 39 pounds (49 €, approximately).

Next to it we find another model that we can acquire, the Scanditelephone, a model that emerged in the decade of the 50 / 60 and that is constituted in one piece. The price is the same as for the previous model and is available in three colors (orange, red and white).

Further information: Firebox