In today's article we will do an activity with paper. Recycle is essential and more in the current times, so we will use existing elements for the creation of some Decorative pictures.

They can have the dimensions that we want and the images that we like the most. This craft is perfect to get rid of paper that occupies space, at home. A way to recycle without having to throw anything away.

Role of magazines, old brochures, newspapers ... everything we do not need. The materials What we should gather are the following:

- Thick cardboard

- Magazine papers

- Acrylic paint in black

- Thermal adhesive

- Brush

The first step will be to cut a circle of thick cardboard with the diameter we want. Now, we take the brush and the acrylic paint to paint the entire circle of black or the color that we like the most. Let dry very well.

Now we take paper, for example from a magazine and cut a sheet. Now we will divide the sheet into four equal parts and cut it. Each of the rectangles obtained is divided in half and we fold again perpendicular to the previous one.

Now we open the paper and we have two opposite sides towards the center line and then we will do the same with the other two. Then, the rectangle that we have obtained in the previous step we will double it in two.


The next step will be to join the paper with adhesive, in this way we will be completing the diameter of the cardboard circle. Once done just subtract the hoop from the cardboard base and let dry.

If you want to put a photo in the center or an image similar to this, before sticking the ring to the base. In the cardboard we can draw the image that we like or put a picture.