I do not know about you, but I love the stripes. They bring a personal and youthful atmosphere to our stays. If you love them too, keep reading!

The decoration based on stripes will provide an interesting and striking touch to any room, of our home, that we wish to decorate. We have many options to tell if we love the stripes, this time combined in white and red.

This cheerful and charming combination, It is perfectly adaptable to any part of our home. There are various ways in which we can implement this type of decoration in our home. In rooms whose protagonist is the color white we can add a touch of color, red prints.

The integration of this combination It is also possible in decorative elements and furniture, coatings, floors, paint ...

The details will be of the utmost importance. We can locate textiles in red and white, for example in the curtains or headboards of the beds.

Also the bedroom clothes as bedspreads and sheets can go perfectly with this striking combination. But remember to keep a balance otherwise we will saturate the environment too much.

If you want to create a visual effect to have the highest ceilings, simply paint or adhere paper to the walls with white and red stripes ... but this time is to put them upright.

You know, if you like stripes ... why not decorate with them?