Winter invites to spend many more hours in our environments domestic, sheltered from low temperatures. And to all comfort. But also the idea of isolating yourself for a few days in a refuge with designer interiors is a tempting plan. In the middle of an idyllic mountain area we can disconnect from day to day surrounded by a cozy and modern space. I show you?

Shelter with design interiorsThis refuge with design interiors responds to the type of innovative architectural solutions. And the reason is that they take a step forward in their concept. Propose another vision of the spaces conceived for the vacation rest in hostels. And a perfect connection with its natural environment. Even in a small mountain lodge like this, Černá Voda, in the Krkonoše mountains, in the Czech Republic.

A refuge with friendly design interiors

This refuge with designer interiors has everything to welcome your guests with a contemporary decoration. In it the elements are allied with simplicity to model a warm, friendly and open space to the surrounding nature. This is what he wanted the architecture studio who signs the project, ADR, sro By the way, nominated for the national 2018 awards. There must be a reason.

When contemplating from a distance the silhouette of this furnished cabin, his stylish black figure captivates. You want to enter as soon as you see it, take refuge in its walls and stay there as long as possible. In total connection with the landscape spectacular that hugs her and seems to protect her from the looks. Nestled next to an old ski slope, this refuge with designer interiors can boast of its prime location. Nothing more and nothing less than on top of a hillside completely covered in snow in the winter months.

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From her, the views are difficult to overcomer. You can even see the highest mountain in the Czech Republic. Hence, the authors of the project have not hesitated to take advantage of such an enclave to incorporate into the cabin a steel and glass terrace. An structure discrete but functional It fits perfectly in the spirit of this refuge with design interiors. The perfect viewpoint from which to enjoy the landscape at any time of the day, equipped with outdoor furniture with minimalist lines.

Wood skin on black

Although the main attraction of this refuge with interior design is inside, it pays to dwell on other elements of the project. The first one is the color that the materials of its facade shine. Both the aluminum sheet of the cover and the side wall are an intense black tone that draws attention. Like the gable roof, covered with wood of identical appearance.

This chromatic decision does not respond to a purely aesthetic question. It is also a way to camouflage with success between the predominant tones of the landscape surrounding the cabin. A tactic to hide and preserve your privacy and tranquility to the guests when they stay in a refuge with design interiors like this.

Another element that does not go unnoticed is its large corner window on the lower floor. A great solution not only as a source of natural light. Its shape and size make the visions of nature come and go constantly in environments. And of course allow enjoy unforgettable evenings to the heat of a stove of metal and a starry sky as a horizon. One more privilege of this refuge with design interiors.

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Inside doors: minimalist warmth

Once inside from Černá Voda, the expectations are met with generosity The spaces of this refuge with interior design are endowed with warmth and minimalism in equal parts. The balance is delicate and perfect. Works in any of the environments thanks to a paneling. It goes through floors, walls and ceilings as if it were a natural skin. Your ground floor It has a small open and versatile room that functions as a living area, equipped with a kitchen, a modern bathroom and a toilet. It is the heart of the hostel, thought to share among the guests.

Its interior design is a constant exercise of spatial exploitation and amplitude. Everything has been done as. In addition, storage solutions are not visible and the living room has an open roof. This is perfect to light up with Ceiling Lamps of certain industrial air, in black and copper. All this contributes to that the environments are clean and furniture stay integrated, without recharging nor subtract freedom to move.

Outstanding details

There are many decorative details that make a difference in this refuge with interior design and that reinforce its vocation to be a contemporary project. As the fact of introducing a black kitchen, taps included: a nod to this trend that continues to cause furor. However, its built-in design hardly occupies and in addition adds a touch of the most modern. No doubt it is about an original piece and protagonist, in which one of its sides stands out, transformed into the staircase that leads to the upper floor.

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This space is reserved for el bedroom y It has been designed with a hundred percent personal decoration. This is how the decision to visually close it with a protective rope network, the one that delimits the steps, can be understood. Nothing leaves us indifferent in this refuge with design interiors, ready to welcome us on a winter getaway.

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