The old houses give off an innate charm and beauty for the antiquity of its interiors. But with the passage of time they may lose attractiveness and start showing a somewhat old-fashioned air. Nothing like rejuvenating the decoration of their spaces through a total change of look in search of a fresh and fast metamorphosis. What sounds good?

rejuvenate the decoration
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Rejuvenate the decoration of a house of these characteristics often leads to think that it will be a large project. And therefore it will mean a significant financial outlay. Is not always that way. There are intermediate solutions that cleverly solve the most common deficiencies: disguise the lack of natural light, change that old-fashioned air that both bothers and much more.

Rejuvenate the decoration from end to end

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The important thing when rejuvenating the decoration of an old floor is make the change appreciate in all the rooms, or in most. We can fall into the temptation to overturn ideas in common spaces and neglect those that do not look so much. Maybe we should take pains in the hall and in the living room, of course, without thinking that the bathroom is also crying out for renewal. With this decision we will only achieve a partial and unbalanced change that in a few months will not convince us.

The objective is to feel that we have managed to rejuvenate the decoration of our old house by going from one end to the other. Check if those changes work as we expected At different times of the day, when more life we ​​do in the rooms, open to more sensations.

The change begins: light in abundance

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It's very probable that one of the sensitive points of this transformation operation start in the entrance. Often the old houses have beautiful receivers for the height of their roofs, topped by moldings originals and other ornamental details. With luck, they wear some architectural element that embellishes them even more. I'm thinking about a pillar or a column. But nevertheless, it is quite frequent that they need artificial lighting at all times because they lack an entrance of natural light.

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This weak point can be disguised by focusing on rejuvenate the decoration of the doors and other joinery present in the hall. To achieve that these surfaces take on a more natural aspect and at the same time enhance the sensation of clarity. If they are painted white or ivory, a good idea is to remove them to reveal their wood color. Thus they will have a current aged appearance. Afterwards, it will be easy to reinforce this image if we pose a chromatic change in the walls. Painted in matt white will create a backdrop full of light.

An unrecognizable lounge and dining room


Rejuvenate the decoration of an old house without going through the living room and the dining room It is unthinkable The question is what solutions can we shuffle to get this transformation without putting on the monkey work and begin to tear down partitions. Remove years from these spaces and its environments without losing identity, of course. The strategy may consist of renovate textiles, upholstery and in short all the complements that mark a lot the style of that interior. And in the room even more.

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The sofa will look different if we look for those textiles that give it a fresh look and less formal. Of linen, of cotton, it is important choose the fabric of the cushions well. Maybe you want to try the models that are different on each side, for example in canvas and velvet. A great decorative trick to change its appearance from time to time. When choosing colors, the tone of the sofa can be the common thread to work the range of tonalities, playing with those who coordinate well.

But be careful with the number of colors. It is not about invading your back with a multicolored collection that can end up causing the opposite effect. But of introduce chromatic brushstrokes that add life to rejuvenate the decoration. In the dining room, a simple and effective way to update your furniture without giving them up is to paint them another color, replace the upholstery of chairs and even customize a table or console with decorative details very today.

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In the bathroom, for all


The bathroom It can be the great forgotten when we face rejuvenating the decoration of a centennial house. Or we reform it completely or nothing, we usually think. There are options Halfway to make win in personality, even exhibiting the odd trend decó. Many elements and surfaces in it are perfect to experience strategic makeup changes. With a small budget and the added advantage of daring to do it ourselves.

Start with a makeover on the walls It can be the first of them. And a stylish solution to achieve it, the wallpapers that imitate ceramic pieces to give a retro effect. A similar change can happen if we bet on vinyls decorative In this case to cover the floor of the bathroom, without touching the original coating or an inch. We will not recognize it. And if it has remained of magazine, these vinyls are also an ideal resource for a Washing of furniture, trolleys and cabinets that usually equip the bathroom. Any interior space will look different with just rejuvenating the decoration that defines it. Have the seniority you have.

Do you dare to try any of these proposals?