Look back for a moment and remember the living room of your parents' house. Surely there was an old cuckoo clock in it, or no cuckoo, just a wall clock. Surely as you liked to play with pendulums and weights and decompensated the clock with the usual reprimand of your mother.

I would have liked to have one but I find myself with the circumstance that they would not fit at all with the decoration that I am planning for my living room. I thought I was going to run out of my cuckoo clock until I found this solution: paint it.

I just had to make the silhouette of the clock, like the one the cops do at the scene of a crime when they've taken the body. This would be the silhouette of a nonexistent cuckoo, which was never on the wall but in my imagination because in this way you can do the cuckoo that I want.

Of course, I will have to rehearse a bit on a sheet of paper because drawing is not what I am best at.

Vía: Little Miss Fix It

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  1. Hahaha!
    I loved the idea. I just moved and we lack the kitchen clock
    Where do I find the little bird? Well, you can put everyone at ease, right?


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