CDs have multiple forms of recycling, thus we have seen in certain occasions how to make certain objects of decoration using these articles. Today, in Decoration 2.0 we are going to recycle once again using, likewise, cd's but this time in a different way.

If you like watches and you have many scratched CDs, old and old, here we tell you a original way to recycle, without having to throw.

To do this we will only have to use a clock machine and take advantage of the hole that has the CD inside. We will assemble both and ready.

The decoration of the cd-clock will go as we like; in this case it has proceededreel with scissors or something stinging the engraved surface of it. When we do this we must take special care in Do not scratch the plastic behind this surface, therefore we will do it gently.

We can paint the back area, the one not engraved, with ocher paint. In this way we will give an old touch between the cracks. Once dry, we will place the clock machinery.

This little wonder, once finished, we can hang it or place it on any surface.

If your idea is to hang it on any wall, we just have to adhere to the backNo small lace or chain. To locate it on any surface we will make a support.

To do it we will use two pieces of cardboard or plastic assembled Let's use our imagination.

How are you?

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