We are already in the 2010 year and as always we start the year with new purposes and new plans. As you can see, the time passes soooo fast, just a year ago we were receiving at 2009, and now we have changed the decade, so we must take advantage of every second we are in this time.

math operations clock

One way to start the year well is to do it with a good clock that marks the hours to come, and this model that I present is more than original, yes, it will be a horror for those of us who are letters.

It is a "mathematical clock", which marks each of the hours with different mathematical operations. The perfect gift for someone who loves this science, the others will cost us a bit to interpret it, luckily we know where exactly it is every hour.

At least it will help us to learn that 66: 198 is 3, for example. For children who are studying is a simple way to memorize some rules and results, therefore it is a good idea to install it in your room or perhaps in an office or workspace.

It is made of metal, and is designed with black background and white letters simulating the surface of a blackboard. It can be purchased through the web Chiasso.com.

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