Sometimes restoring an old piece of furniture is simpler than it seems. You do not have to be an expert restorer to obtain a new and fun piece of furniture, like the one we see below.

The materials used are simple: cardboard, adhesive (for example tail) and varnish.

The steps to follow They are very simple. We buy cardboard of the color we want, one to make the background and one for the drawings.

If we follow the example of the image, we will have to buy red cardboard for the fund. We cut it into small pieces of the same size. Then, with the right solution, we stick all the pieces on the furniture and let it dry.

With the other colored card (in this case orange or beige) we make the shapes that we are going to stick on the red base and we stick it with care by hand.

Once the two layers are stuck, we let them dry and cover with water varnish to protect them. We already have our furniture restored.

Via: Good simple