Replis It is a particular and modern sofa bed. It is a creation of the designer Daniel Lake.

The main characteristic and virtue of the Replis sofa-bed are its dimensions, it is small and occupies very little space. However, the dimensions are not a conditioner before benefits such as comfort, comfort or functionality.

Its design is fun, simple but fun. In addition, the fabric in which it is manufactured stands out from its materials, and at the naked eye the fabric attracts attention; What the designer has tried with this unique fabric is to achieve a similarity in appearance and touch with human skin. At first glance it seems that it has achieved its purpose.

After its simple aesthetic devoid of eccentricity, this original sofa bed hides an ingenious system that allows the seat and respado to have independent extensions. This is where the 'trick' is, this is what makes this fun and original sofa-bed in a comfortable armchair and at the same time in a comfortable bed.

El Replis sofa bed it is, without a doubt, an ideal solution for places and small stays where an extra bed is needed that does not occupy too much space ... And, because of its dimensions and its features, it meets all the requirements that this type of stay or houses, in which the square meters not only do not abound but they are scarce, they require. In addition, for the simplicity and simplicity of their design, a sofa-bed is easily adaptable to any decorative space.

If you need a practical sofa-bed in any room of your house, Replis, it can be a good option ... Do you like it?