Personally, I love restored furniture with a rustic touch and this is one of those examples. It is an old door restored and reused in magazine organizer. Your new use of organizer is possible thanks to the small lateral barillas that once had the door and that now will serve to support objects.


The door can be more or less large and depending on its size we can locate it in one place or another. The materials that we will need are:

- Old door
- Dark brown paint
- Brush
- Lija
- Cork board
- Decorative ribbon
- Printed cloth
- Hot silicone gun


First we start by sanding the door and removing all impurities and traces of previous paint. Once we finish we comb the powder and paint it brown. Give two hands to dry between them.

Besides, we cut a cork rectangle a little smaller than the top of the door. We cover it with cloth and stick the cork board lined over the door. In the contour stick the tape to decorative mode and you're done. As simple as that. We only have to place the door in the place we have chosen.

Via: The Crafts