At home we may have some furniture that we no longer use because it is old, and this one can be made of steel. Surely it will be rusty but that is not a problem because with a few simple steps you can get a new one.



- Light blue satin paint (this time, but your choice may be different).

- brush

- two sandpaper

- sealer


First, we carefully sanded the shelves and the structure of the furniture, so that the pores open. Once done, we can move on to painting the furniture. We clean the surface of the furniture very well with a cloth, to remove all the remains after sanding.

We apply a coat of sealer to cover the imperfections and follow a more uniform surface. We give several hands of light blue paint, letting it dry well before giving the second coat. Our furniture is ready, it will be as good as new and it will be perfect under our sink.

Via: House ten