We love magazines; especially the decoration, but we always have space for a good selection of fashion, wise health advice, how to take care of our pets, never to know how to prepare the exotic dishes of the day or what they like to receive the most as a gift on his birthday. Magazines are of all kinds, for us, for kids, for our husband and even for family fun, or who does not spend time filling crossword puzzles or word searches? The problem in the end is that we do not have space to store them and we feel a strong sense of loss when we see the one that has our favorite article, in the mouth of the dog, torn apart. We can file them, who says no? Maybe not all, but the most precious.


An excellent option is the TEMPLETON shelf, designed jointly by FURNI, the Canadian design house, and BEUTIFUL DECAY magazine, originally from Virginia and specialized in art and trends. The shelf, which is obtained for the price of 65 euros, is a unique piece of limited edition. It is made of Russian plywood and white acrylic, and its finishes can be natural or dark and satin wood. To acquire it, visit the website www.furnicreations.com.