The Danish study Spluss has created two pieces that are absolutely original and with two functionalities, although in both cases one of them takes precedence over the other.

The magazine Sheep y Bouquet They have been created as two magazine racks with steel cylinders, which at the same time have a chair structure.

Eg Sheep it forms a stool with welded cylinders forming a square, and inside which the magazines are kept. Obviously the structure will be less resistant to sit than to keep magazines, but the double function is there and also decorates.

Bouquet It is very similar, but instead of having its cylinders horizontally, it is arranged vertically so that the magazines will rest on each of them forming a stool once all the gaps are occupied by a publication. Again, the second function is more symbolic than real.

True, as stools are not very valid but we must recognize that as magazine are the best and most original we have seen lately.

His style is somewhat industrial if we look at the finish that has been given and fit perfectly with a contemporary and modernist decor, and will be an essential element for the eyes of the guests. A piece of design that you can get for a price not too excessive: 280 euros in both cases.

More information: Spluss

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