I have already told other times that my oldest son wants to be an engineer. As a good child, from an early age he was aroused by the interest in cars and trucks, in fact it was the first thing he learned to draw, much to the disappointment of his father and mine. Once a friend of his father told us that as a child he played to disarm strollers and classify the pieces to play later with his sister, who brought Barbie and Ken to buy them to tune the famous pink descantable brand Mattel. So my son wrote down the data and reserved a box just to save, by way of disgorging, all the toy parts that could be reused, especially because he went much further: besides tuning cars, he thought of inventing everything type and, of course, robots.
RobotAll this came to mind when I found these decorative discs perfect for your room or any child. They are by the Australian designer Melanie Swan. It is a series of four circles of hard cardboard (9mm thick) lined with different self-adhesive papers perfectly selected to match the tones of the robot that occupies the smaller disk.

The diameter, from largest to smallest is 220mm,, 180mm, 140mm and 100mm. In the back, they have a special double-sided tape to hold objects of a little more weight, which allow them to be placed, loose or one on top of the other, on the desired surface, wood, plaster, or laminated, while it is not rough, like the gotelé, that there are still those who insist on using it.

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Robot_spreadMelanie Swan discs can be obtained directly on their website at affordable prices despite being limited editions. There are also those who, like my oldest son, point to the data and dare to do it with their own hands and appealing, as always when we talk about decoration, to good taste.

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