About us iRobot is dedicated to design and build robots which are intended to facilitate the cleaning from day to day, that which makes us so heavy.

From 1990 the company is building very practical robots that facilitate our daily routine, today I am going to speak specifically of two:


Roomba It sweeps all kinds of surfaces. Do not you think it's ideal ?. In addition, it is not a simple practical device that can sweep for us, but also is very useful for people who have a health problem or disability that prevents them from doing this task.

And of course, if there is a robot that sweeps, there must also be one that scrubs, that isScooba. It is a robot that scrubs any surface using a four-stage cleaning system.
In the first stage, Scooba prepares the soil, in the second stage it is washed by diffusion, in the third stage it is brushed with special bristles and dried with a brush that removes excess water and in the fourth and last phase, by dry suction the treated surface.

I imagine that at this very moment you will be thinking "too nice to be real". Yes, it's real.
One of the most frequent questions is: does the robot do all the work? And the answer is yes. Those that make it possible for robots to perform the tasks that we hate so much are the sensors that are incorporated, thanks to them the robot does not collide with furniture, stairs, carpets and any other obstacle.

These "aparatitos" do not leave anyone indifferent, so if you want to get rid of some daily domestic chores, think that the Magi are close. Who knows? Maybe one of their camels, among all the packages they got one Roomba or a Scooba


  1. Undoubtedly, the appliances of today are very practical, and allow shorten the times of the tasks. I like this model of vacuum, a greeting!

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