In spite of what I may seem, I am in favor of the current design. The contemporary seems valid to me and I recognize that within the proposals made by the designers, it is very easy to find unique, special, useful and beautiful articles. It is also important to recognize that many of the new designs are inspired by the past, so being a retro lover, I am also a neo retro lover, which is what is currently fashionable. Much of what is now possible to find in the market is nothing more than the reproduction, and improvement, of the creations of the past centuries, from the eighties to the ancient civilizations.

In terms of design, the main contribution that the XXI century makes is that of technological advances and it is not little. The possibilities in terms of use and efficiency of furnishing have been the true revolution for decoration and interior design. Technology has invaded our lives and although phones again look like in the sixties, they have nothing to do with their possibilities of use with the origins of their aesthetics. The revolution has been in the design of its mechanisms but not in its form.


A perfect example to demonstrate what is written is iRobot Scooba, an invaluable advance in automatic home cleaning. The machine, which looks like a wireless vacuum cleaner, scrubs and dries the floor of the house without any supervision. It uses a cleaning system in 4 phases. It has sensors capable of determining its environment, detect unevenness and prevent it from falling down the stairs. Cleans floors of linoleum, parquet, tiles, tiles and marble. More information on the website