When we decorate our bath, and if we have children At home, it is convenient to think that in many occasions, given the height of the child, it is difficult to reach certain places, such as the toilet.

In this way, today in Decoration 2.0, we talk to you about Rock. This great mark he proposes us accessories and accessories for children's bathrooms. Designed by this Spanish company, these accessories will be the ideal solution for the little ones.

Fun and eye-catching objects, fully functional and practical that will make your activity in the bathroom simple. This chair called Pony will be a perfect option while the smallest do not reach the sink or toilet. We can also use it as an auxiliary aid while your child dresses.

As a novelty this curious accessory will serve to locate towels, toilet paper or toothbrushes. Best of all, its dimensions and height are adapted for children. Useful and practical!