If you like modern style, the chairs that today I'm going to show you will fall in love.

They receive the name of Rocking Cube and it is about unique and very original chairs that have well earned their name; since its design is clearly based on a cube, a cube-shaped chair that also allows to swing slightly thanks to its rounded shapes allow the chair to balance.

Rocking Cube

Simple lines and an interior that is especially striking because it is completely empty. The interior is fully visible and is lined with a wooden veneer that makes the design even more tractive. In addition, this space allows you to play with it as it comes or be used as a storage space for magazines, books or whatever you can think of ...
The exterior of the chair is finished with a material similar to foam, very soft to the touch and offering great comfort when sitting.

The Rocking Cube chair is a design that has been made by the design studio Jessica Nebel and it is available in several colors: white, black, yellow ...

A chair that, without a doubt, is not designed or designed to go unnoticed ... Its simple lines and its original and groundbreaking design make it an avant-garde chair that, independently of the room and the type of decoration in which it is integrated, is It becomes the center of attention.

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